I loved the upbeat atmosphere, quick movement — there was never a dull moment. The speakers were great.
— 2017 Attendee
I was surprised by the inspirational culture and passion talk by Rise Founder Tom Ferguson. It prompted thoughts that I did expect to get from a sales conference.
— 2017 Attendee
I got so much value from the networking. The great content was just icing on the cake.
— 2017 Attendee


T-REX Vision

Our goal with T-REX is to create an annual, national conference that inspires, entertains, and educates sales, marketing, and business development pros that "own the number".

About T-REX

Vince and Eric created T-REX by combining the dino DNA of the Triangle Revenue Exchange meet-up and the SalesJam mini-conference.

Our founders have years of experience building teams, taking products to market, and hitting the number.